Integration Platform : (IPAAS)



Integration Platform (IPAAS)

Gray Quarter specializes in developing, hosting, and maintaining integrations for most Government enterprise software products. A subscription to our flagship IPAAS platform provides a safe, secure, compliant, and reliable host for your critical integration.

Features and Benefits


We develop and host the integration on our cloud-based platform, there is no additional infrastructure required.


We value your data and strive to maintain a secure environment. All communication is TLS 1.2 and follow NIST and PCI configuration standards when applicable.


We understand that our customers’ needs can change daily, so our platform is designed to scale up or down to meet our customer needs in the most cost-effective way possible.


We stand behind our platform and interfaces. We maintain the solution as part of the subscription with the goal of providing a hassle-free integration experience.

Low or No Cost Development

We have a long history of custom integration development and specialize in building middleware. If we don’t already have an existing integration on our platform, we can often develop the initial interface at a reduced cost by reusing existing components and services.

No Additional Infrastructure

With the Gray Quarter platform we host everything so there is no additional hardware to procure, patch, or maintain.

Upgrades are Included

Because we are subscription-based we maintain the functionality of each integration. If there is a required modification due to API changes on an external system, we will update the integration and keep you up and running with no additional costs. With the recent migration to TLS 1.2 our clients enjoyed no additional costs or down time with the integration we hosted.

24/7 Monitoring

We are constantly monitoring the platform to insure availability of our services. Our goal is always 100% uptime and month to month we consistently exceed 99.95% uptime.

Easy Administration

We consistently upgrade our platform to improve your experience by allowing self-service access through our administration site. Through our platform tools you can administer and view the status of your integration.

Multiple Environment

We offer at least two environments (production and non-production) of each integration instance. Our infrastructure allows us to rapidly scale the number of environments to meet your needs.