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9th, June, 2020

Inspector Gray Quarter to the Rescue

Gray Quarter’s new “Easy Scheduler” App will save your user time and frustration when they need to schedule an inspection. Scott Anderson, … Read More

31st, December, 2019

ePermitHub’s Digital Plan Room Software has arrived

Gray Quarter is the preferred implementation partner with ePermitHub! Streamlining plan reviews in your agency can be tough; Luckily, ePermitHub has the solution. … Read More

3rd, November, 2018

Gray Quarter welcomes Larry Cooper as newest team member

Gray Quarter welcomes Larry Cooper as their newest team member as he brings several years of domain knowledge to Gray Quarter.  Larry recently … Read More

15th, October, 2018

Gray Quarter sponsors Accelarate 2018

Gray Quarter Bronze Sponsorship at Accelarate 2018 was an exciting event where we showcased how our products, services, and technical experience can benefit … Read More


Managed Services

Outsource the tough jobs to us. We will work closely with you to determine a package that represents the right mix of tasks. We can do it all: development, testing, maintenance, administration — let us help you successfully serve your internal customers.

Professional and Implementation Services

Need to outsource the tough jobs? Gray Quarter has the expertise. GQ has the answer.


Gray Quarter Refresh for Accela Citizen Access

Gray Quarter is often asked to support Citizen Access design efforts that allow the agency to improve on the Citizen or Customer experience.


Payment Processor Integration

Integrating your custom payment processor has never been easier with our new and upcoming payment processor adapters.


Easy Scheduler

Easy Scheduler is a user-friendly web application that allows a permit-holder to quickly schedule inspections on their mobile phone or desktop browser.


G-WIZ Wizard and Decision Trees

Gray Quarter offers the G-WIZ service to assist your agency’s customers in navigating through the various permitting and regulatory processes.


Integration Platform (IPAAS)

Gray Quarter specializes in developing, hosting, and maintaining integrations for most Government enterprise software products. A subscription to our flagship IPAAS platform provides a safe, secure, compliant, and reliable host for your critical integrations.


Gray Quarter Electronic Signature

The Gray Quarter Electronic Signature Interface allows for increased a seamless integration between Accela and DocuSign or Adobe Sign. Find out how.


Digital Plan Room

ePermitHub’s Digital Plan Room is an integrated and interactive digital plan review software to help minimize your agency’s costs. Find out how.


Document Consolidation Service

The Gray Quarter Document Consolidator is a new offering that merges Civic Platform attachments into a single PDF output and stores it on the originating record on the Civic Platform.


VuSpex Virtual Inspections

Inspections can be more convenient, efficient, and cost effective for you via VuSpex. Jam packed with features.


Performance / Load Testing Service

Gray Quarter offers services for large scale and enterprise load testing projects. While many load testing tools require months of setup and preparation before testing, Gray Quarter can perform meaningful tests in a fraction of the time.



Larry Cooper

Provided support for sales, scoping, delivery, and execution of multi-million dollar Software Projects for City, County and State Level Government agencies.  Strong reputation within the Government Permitting and Licensing domain for successful delivery of multi-year implementations.

Dane Quatacker

Family man, techie, and motorcycle enthusiast. Passionate about delivering modern cloud technologies into the government space.

John Schomp

Husband, father, songwriter, BMW mechanic, chef, occasional golfer, and closet ABBA fan. Unabashedly enthusiastic when leveraging technology to promote efficiency and transparency in government.


Accela is the leading provider of civic engagement solutions for government. The Accela Civic Platform includes APIs and mobile apps and is designed to enable and improve core processes for city, county, state and federal governments. Accela’s solutions uniquely address the diverse needs of agencies, citizens and businesses by enhancing workflow and making publicly available information more accessible.

Laserfiche enables organizations to manage documents, videos, photos and other content. Investing in a content services platform will help your company eliminate paper, optimize costs and power innovation.

Forte Payment Systems is a leading provider of innovative electronic payments solutions. They offer scalable enterprise-class solutions through an optimized suite of services including credit card processing, ACH/eCheck origination and fraud prevention. Forte serves organizations of all sizes by reducing transaction costs, mitigating risk and increasing efficiencies with consistent care.

Visionary Integration Professionals (VIP) offers a diverse solution portfolio that allows organizations to better align strategy to execution. VIP management consulting and technology solution capabilities provide the visibility, proven execution, and agility to accelerate strategic change. VIP has partnered with 1,200+ clients to deliver results that matter.

Construction approved, faster. ePermitHub is the link between permitting jurisdictions and sophisticated construction processes.

World-class design, implementation, and support of the Accela Civic Platform

Vision33 has delivered IT services to public sector agencies across North America for over twenty-five years with experience across multiple jurisdictions at the Federal, State, Provincial, County and Municipal levels. We provide world-class technology expertise and services in Land Management, Asset Management, Environmental Health, Business and Occupational Licensing, Code Enforcement, and Cannabis Regulations.

TruePoint Solutions has over 25 years’ experience delivering state and local government solutions with multiple software solutions for Utility Billing, Land Management, Business Licensing and Regulation, Code Enforcement and Electronic Document Management. TruePoint partners closely with Gray Quarter to take advantage off their robust and secure integration platform and expertise in hosted services for integrations.

Zingtree makes it easy to build troubleshooters, phone scripts, process guides, diagnostic systems and more.

VuSpex Virtual Inspections is an integrated software solution for Inspectors and Contractors to perform remote, virtual building inspections.