G-WIZ Wizard and Decision Trees

G-Wiz routes public portal users to appropriate record based off natural AI search or a series of decision tree questions.

Managed Services

Scale your support model. We will work closely with you to determine a package that represents the right mix of tasks. We can do it all: development, testing, maintenance, administration — let us help you successfully serve your internal customers.

Professional and Implementation Services

Need to outsource the tough jobs? Gray Quarter has the expertise. Gray Quarter has the answer.

Inspection Manager

Gray Quarter Inspection Manager provides the control inspection managers need to optimize inspection routing and cost saving measures.

Gray Quarter Refresh for your Public Portal

Gray Quarter is often asked to support website branding and design efforts that allow the agency to improve on the Citizen or Customer experience.

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Payment Processor Integration

Integrating your custom payment processor has never been easier with our new and upcoming payment processor adapters.

Easy Scheduler

Easy Scheduler is a user-friendly web application that allows a permit-holder to quickly schedule inspections on their mobile phone or desktop browser.