Regression Testing Service



Regression Testing Service

Unsure if your next large configuration release (or Accela product release) is going to create problems for your go-live? Are you unsure if your test plan covers all scenarios that need review? Are you concerned that all your testing to-date has been following the happy path? Gray Quarter has developed an automated regression testing framework that conducts tests directly in the agency environment, leveraging existing historical data. Our testing framework can simulate thousands of records/events using the current configuration, logging the resulting data to provide meaningful feedback on the most prevalent errors.

Features and Benefits

Script Regression Testing

Using the audit history from existing transactions, we simulate script events and capture the resulting data for each script run. All exceptions, errors, and warnings are collected. Using actual data guarantees that the most important test cases are executed.

Fee Calculation Testing

For complex fee scenarios, Gray Quarter can use existing historical data to analyze fee calculation for hundreds of samples.

Data Conversion Testing

Gray Quarter can report on the quality of the data conversion by analyzing hundreds of converted records and logging discrepancies between the converted data vs. the existing configuration

Minimal Setup

Since the regression tests use the production (or converted) data that resides in your system, there is no need to generate complex test scripts

Minimal Impact

Our test templates can be executed on your agency environment using existing Accela APIs. No additional software or hardware is required

Meaningful Outputs

Gray Quarter provides detailed data for each test run which is invaluable for diagnosing errors. In addition, summary reports are generated which pinpoint trends and problem areas.

Optionally non-destructive

Regression tests can be run without committing transactions to the database, giving you the ability to re-run multiple tests in the same environment, without the need for time-consuming refresh cycles